Real Estate Agent Identity


With the goal of selling local residential real estate, the design for this new brand needed a finished look with a personal touch and style to give this agent's unique approach to real estate a voice in the marketplace. I set the color palette to an array of subtle grays with some hints of green … Read More

Camp Crowe Tshirt 2014


T-shirt design for grandparent's summer with the grandkids. Fortunately, their last name "Crowe" was all the inspiration I needed for this shirt design. … Read More

Bioactives Website


A fresh start on a new platform. I gave Bioactives a custom theme and design setup on the WordPress platform, giving them ultimate control and room to grow into the future. … Read More

Barn Wedding Invitation Set


This wedding invitation set was personally designed for Natalie and Brandon for their special day. Everyone was perfectly pleased with the personal initial frame and custom barn illustration to match the barn where they will marry each other. The invitation is to be printed and attached to a kraft … Read More

105 Design Studio Brand Identity


Rebranding was in order for this local shop that had changed it's course and moved focus to custom designed and individual projects built to fit a specific design need and space. With many years of experience selling and crafting a variety of lighting, this couple had started making upcycled and … Read More

Map Icon Set and Style Board


The end result for this design challenge was a style board for custom maps. The style set includes a full color palette, supporting artwork, full icon set, and sample map views. Everyone was pleased with the visually appealing maps used to present a variety of content. The visuals created turn the … Read More

Sales Agency Branding


With the goal of selling a broad range of lighting and home decorating products, the design for this new brand needed to be clean, with a finished look and style that could work with anything and anywhere. I set the primary color to a neutral gray and added some interest with secondary colors to … Read More

Red Jeep Rentals Brand Identity


The idea for this startup venture was something local and rural to appeal to those visiting a quaint area of town just outside Nashville, TN. Rent a Jeep for a day or an afternoon to take that joy ride while you explore the area.┬áThe focus of the design was to make it truly recognizable with the … Read More

New York Artist Website


Full site design for New York artist, Kathleen Gefell, including custom responsive theme installation on WordPress with beautiful portfolio gallery and contact areas throughout. Beautiful scrolling parallax theme translates perfectly to mobile devices for maximum exposure. … Read More

Commercial Real Estate Group Website


Full site design for commercial real estate group, giving a custom listings template, client portfolio, and home page with testimonials and featured logos and projects. Beautiful WordPress theme and customization with parallax scrolling background image. … Read More